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OK, you're here because you like to burn wood. It may be to save money - and you can save a small fortune these days by not turning on the heating and burning a few well seasoned logs - or it may just be for fun! Yes, burning wood is often better viewing than the telly.

The whole idea of is to get you fellow burners together to swap information on where to get logs and firewood for free; or if you have to buy in, who are the suppliers you should and should not go anywhere near.

This is also the place to swap tips on getting the most from your wood and burners.

Everyone here at loves to burn wood. We are lucky in having a Clearview 500 multifuel burner - although to date, and that's four years in, we still haven't got around to burning coal. Our love is wood - some say it is an obsession. But having bought in poor quality wood at the beginning of our burning journey we are passionate about passing on our experiences and knowledge. could save you a lot of money and a whole heap of disappointment.  

And this is where you come in. If you know of a great wood supplier then you have to let us know. If you know of a shoddy wood supplier who is jumping on the bandwagon and delivering poor wood then again, let us know. If you have experienced great service from a particular stove company - just email us.

Then there is the ultimate - free wood that is dry and ready for the burner. Let us know where you can get some and we will post the location ( come on, we need to share this info!)  We will post all your comments here on and soon we will sort out a forum where we can all chat directly to each other. That's all in development.

From time to time we will add new products to our shop - we are new ( but well seasoned!) and only have a moisture meter on offer at the moment. It is however invaluable and a great price. Hang one near your wood store ready to check wood before accepting a delivery or before the wood goes to the burner.

So, let us know what you are burning, where you buy it from, where you find it and who you like as suppliers and not.

Over to you - and happy burning.